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2 Sep 2010

Movie Review: I Spit On Your Grave (Unrated)

Firstly, no, this isn't the classic banned movie. This is the remake of that film. And as a little disclaimer, I haven't seen the original, so I can't compare.

The story is about a woman who relocates into a secluded cabin to write her next novel. However, four of the locals then come in and begin to rape and torture her. As a result, she sacrifices herself into a river. Miraculously, she survives and starts to wreak havoc on those who done her wrong. Admittedly, this is a rather throw-away story and the plot leaves many holes. Yet this can't help the first half of the movie from dragging on. The beginning rape scene is dragged on far too long, and by the end all of the feelings that the writers try to conjure are replaced by slight boredom. However, in the end, you won't really care. When you enter the cinema to see it, you will know what you are getting into and you know that you won't be in there for the story.

You will definitely be going there for the gore. And let me tell you, it doesn't disappoint. Seriously, this film is gorier than all the Saw movies and the Hostel movies rolled into one, with the tension of the Final Destination movies thrown in there for good measure. To put this into perspective, the BBFC will not allow the version I saw to be shown in theatres uncut due to high levels of bloody violence, and even this version was cut by 43 seconds. The gore will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout, and you will be wondering what kind of torture method she will bring out next. This is where the movie triumphs, as it keeps you guessing throughout, something that very few horror movies have been able to do. Yet throughout the whole movie, you can't shake the feeling that the only thing really going for it is the gore. Yes, you know that the story is minimal, but you end up leaving unsatisfied and in need for something more in-depth.

The main downfall for this movie, however, is its distinct lack of character development. However, this isn't from the fault of the actors. Rather, the actors play their characters to a very high standard, with Sarah Butler, who plays the victim, showing the trauma her character suffers very convincingly. Rather, it is the fault of Meir Zarchi and Stuart Morse, the writers. Rather than giving the attackers their own individual voices, they attend to almost every thug stereotype, including the stupid one, the quiet one and the one the wants to be leader. Thus, this makes the attackers slightly unbearable and unbelievable. However, in the end, this won't matter as they becoming the same, sympathetic, apologetic characters when the gore starts to flow.

As for the cinematography and music, both fit the movie very well, but neither seem to make a lasting impression. Yes, they intensify the anger and distress felt by the victim in the first half, but in the second half of the movie, they add nothing to the experience. Rather, you will be squirming so much that no music at all would have been a better choice. The cinematography is also nothing special, providing a clear shot of the gory scenes. However, this is expected from this type of film and it never seems to go one step ahead.

Overall, this film relies on rather a lot of gore to make up for its lack of character development and a lacklustre plot. It can be compared to a plate of snails: it is very enjoyable if you can get past its disgusting side, although it probably won't be very satisfying if you were expecting something extraordinary.

Total Score: 6 out of 10


  1. This is such a weird movie to remake, it's like the video nasties are getting a renaissance.

  2. Haha. Well, if that's the case, then I'm looking forward to the remake of The Driller Killer :P