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5 Aug 2010

Tarantino's new Shadowy Film?

[EDIT: Tarantino will not be directing the film and the rumours have been debunked by an official representative, claiming that "There is no truth in this story", according to MTV News. ]

Heard of The Shadow? No, neither had I. But apparently it was a radio and pulp character.

Anyway, a reboot is being made and the execs at Fox are having a "two-way conversation" with Tarantino about directing/co-writing it, according to Pajiba.

Originally, Spiderman's director Sam Raimi was set to direct the remake, but the studio changed from Sony to Fox. Even after this, rumours started to surface that David Slade (who directed Twilight: Eclipse) was to direct it, but these were shunted away in a recent IGN interview.

If you are interested, Alec Baldwin starred in The Shadow in the 90's. Apparently, it was quite a cult hit! here's hoping Tarantino makes the new one a bit more memorable (if he gets the job).

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