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9 Aug 2010

Shia back on his bike?

Do you remember Shia LeBoeuf riding that motorcycle in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

Well, according to Deadline, the Transformers actor is director Tony Scott's top choice for the part in upcoming film Hell's Angels.

The film will also star Mickey Rourke, who plays Sonny Barger, a real-life biker who started the Oakland sector of the biker gang, and helped them become a national name. Rourke has had some experience with the biker gang as his old boxing coach, Chuck Zito, used to be the president of the Hell's Angels' New York sector.

Apparently, Scott Frank's script is penned as a "Donnie Brasco-style drama. It would be a two-hander with a younger actor playing a cop who attempts to infiltrate the club to investigate alleged criminal activities." Sounds interesting...

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