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8 Aug 2010

Millar's Nemesis Next in Line

It began with Wanted, then it was Kick-Ass, and now it's Nemesis, Mark Millar's next big-screen project.

Fox have acquired the filming rights for Millar's and McNiven's comic, which will be directed by Tony Scott (of Top Gun and Taking of Pelham 123 fame), according to Bleeding Cool. Apparently, Scott will also produce the film along with his brother, Ridley, under their Scott Free Productions company name. However, no screenwriter has been found.

The basic premise of Millar's creation revolves around billionaire Matt Anderson, who dons a tech-covered costume to avenge his parent's deaths. However, his victims are the world's top cops. Throughout the series, he travels globally from Asia to Washington DC.

So far, it looks like it's going to be yet another amazing comic book film.

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