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10 Aug 2010

Avengers filming dated

According to SuperheroHype, Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios will start to film their upcoming big-budget film The Avengers in February 2011 in Los Angeles. The script has been penned by Zak Penn and Joss Whendon, with Joss also sitting in the director's chair.

The announced cast are as follows:
Nick Fury - Samuel L. Jackson
Black Widow - Scarlett Johansson
Captain America - Chris Evans
Thor - Chris Hemsworth
Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr.
Hawkeye - Jeremy Renner
Hulk - Mark Ruffalo

However, some people have been left out. For example, where the hell is The Vision or Scarlet Witch?

Anyway, The Avengers is set for release May 4, 2012. Are you looking forward to it?

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