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29 Aug 2010

Author Feature: London Film4 FrightFest Day 3

For those that don't know, every year in London, Film4 hold a 5 day horror-themed film festival at Empire Leicester Square, where it shows premieres for new horror films.

Due to tight money related restrictions, I could only visit the 3rd day, on 28th August 2010. But damn it was worth every penny!

On they day that I visited, a total of 11 films were shown over 2 screens, but I only managed to see a total of 5. These films where:

-Cherry Tree Lane [FrightFest Exclusive Preview]
-Fanboys [UK Premiere]
-13 Hrs [World Premiere]
-I Spit on Your Grave (Remake/Unrated/Uncut) [European Premiere]
-Monsters [FrightFest Exclusive Preview]

If you want to hear more from these, look out in the coming days for my reviews of each.

As I entered the door the the [rather over-the-top] Empire Leicester Square, to be honest, I was a bit sad. Not sad because I was there, but people who had turned up seemed a bit... geekier... than what I expected. However, this isn't to say that everybody there was a geek. In fact, this is the complete opposite. It was just the atmosphere in there. Somehow, it just seemed like the room was filled with people who would constantly scrutinise every nook and cranny of the film.

The first film I went to see in the Main Screen was "Cherry Tree Lane." Now, I have never been to this particular cinema, let alone the "Main Screen", or "Screen 1." But let me tell you, that place is bigger than a freakin' theatre! Complete with corrugated walls as to reduce echoes, colour-changing lights for before the film, star lights above the screen and a screen 4 times the size of a normal cinema screen. Watching the horror films on the big screen were amazing, with ear-piercing surround sound meaning that you can feel every squelch as somebody is ripped apart, or the scream as a teenage upper-class woman is chased down by a werewolf.

At the end of every film (other than the rapturous applause as the audience screamed and howled at what they just saw), the director (and in the case of 13 Hrs, some of the cast), would enter onto the stage (if it was shown on the main stage) for a 30 minute Q and A with the host and the audience. this showed the audience how film-making is an art, rather than just a hobby.

I was at the cinema for around 14 hours, and I loved every minute. As a closing statement I have just one thing to say: when tickets become available, get tickets to go next year! It's worth every penny, even if you do come out with some minor mental disfigurements.

Remember, look for my reviews of the 5 films I saw in the coming week!


  1. Why remake ISOYG? What's the point?

  2. Its probably to jump on the cash wagon. Bearing in mind the original was on the "Nasties" List in the UK, with the BBFC still not allowing it to be released uncut. Thus, it may be because they wanted to remake the film for the newer audiences, and for those who hadn't gotten to see it before it was put on the list.

    However, it was probably the best film shown on that day, with it receiving a standing ovation at the end, and applause throughout.