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17 Aug 2010

Angelina Monroe!

UPDATE: Apparently, Jolie has not been cast. At last night's Salt premier, she said she had no idea about the project, and O'Hagan issues some sort of statement that I don't know. Sorry all!

Andrew O'Hagan was at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this week to promote his new book: The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and His Friend Marilyn Monroe. But before you send me hate mail for putting a story about a book, there is a movie link here.

O'Hagan also revealed that this book will be made into a film, with many a-listers in the mix, including Angelina Jolie as Monroe herself, and George Clooney as Frank Sinatra, who became Monroe's close friend.

Jolie has also managed to pull off the blonde bombshell in Life or Something Like It.

So, any views on the so far announced actors?


  1. That news was retracted, and let's not talk about Life or Something Like It.

  2. haha really? my source hasn't let me know of that yet...